Tutorial v4.0

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Using computers to dial an address

All the computers with a dialing program in the SGC allow you to dial an address to another planet.

To use computers, simply point your crosshair [.] on the screen and press the “use” key (“E” by default).
The text “Use Computer” will appear above it to indicate interaction is possible.

The dialing program will be displayed in full screen, you can now enter an address.

You currently have two ways to compose an address:
- Use the virtual keyboard,
- Use the keyboard keys corresponding to the symbols.

Using the virtual keyboard:

You need seven symbols to compose an address, the six first symbols are the planet’s destination and the last one is the point of origin of your current planet’s location.

For example, to go on Abydos from the SGC (Earth), you need to enter these six symbols, followed by the Earth origin point:

Once you are done, you must confirm by clicking/pressing "Enter". The Stargate will then be rotating and dialing the address.

Using the keyboard keys corresponding to the symbols:
If you know the keys assigned to the keyboard, you can directly enter the address by using them.

By default we assigned the keys corresponding to a standard keyboard. But it is possible that your keyboard does not correspond to the basic configuration.
In this case, you can reassign the keys to the correct symbols. Two solutions: Either by clicking the "gear" icon on the virtual keyboard, or inside the main or pause menu: "Settings" - > "Controls" -> "Dialing program mapping" -> "Configure".

To exit the dialing program, right mouse click once to have a “3D view” and twice to completely exit the computer.

If the address is correct, the gate will open. A big cluster of particles, called "Kawoosh", will "gush" from the gate before settling into an event horizon.

You can now go through the Stargate and travel thousands of light years within few seconds to another planet.

Using the DHD to dial an Address

The DHD (Dial Home Device) is a device capable of dialing Stargates. It is the original dialing device created by the Ancients (the race who built the Stargate).

In a similar fashion to the “SGC Computer Dialing”, we need six symbols and your current planet’s point of origin.
Once the seven symbols are subsequently lit, the Gate is activated by pushing the red dome in the middle.
Here is an example to dial the Earth address:

You can now pass through the Stargate towards Earth.