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The technicians

The artists

Liutwin "Meardon"

Project Leader / Game Designer / Programmer / 3D Artist

He is the founder of Stargate Network. He's our great leader and as such we have to obey his orders - under duress. When he is not in stasis, he models and fiddles with some code.

Brice "Kvasir"

Creative Director / Level Designer

Instigator of the 3D transition and frantic collector of resources. Mapper of the SGC and Atlantis, he's also the only Asguard streamer in this galaxy.

Vincent "Speedy37"

Technical Director / Lead Programmer / System Admin

Co-founder of Stargate No Limits, he chose to provide technical expertise for the benefit of SGN, and quickly became one of the pillars of the project.

Axel "EXpMiNi"

Lead Artist / 3D Artist

Experimented graphics designer, he closely examines the team productions and helps them surpass themself. Mapper of Abydos, he's fond of caribous.

Thomas "Tolc"


In charge, among other features, of gameplay and UI/UX programming. His motto: smooth and user-friendly.

Kévin "Dr McKay"

3D Artist

The oldest graphic designer of the team, he's mainly known for being behind the very faithful reproduction of the consoles and boxes of the SGC.

Ludovic "Ludea"


Budding programmer, he codes everything the chief programmer asks him to.

Samuel "Andross"

3D Artist

Andross is a modeller of the game. Never satisfied with his work, he's always searching for perfection. He also flies planes.

Yoan "Noely"

System Admin

Member from the very beginning, he's there to monitor and take care of our servers.

Sébastien "Cbast"

3D Artist

Cbast is the padawan of EXpMiNi. He loves birds and makes cubes on Maya.

Denis "Bullrot77"

QA Leader

The very first official betatesteur, he severely tested the v2.3 to eliminate bugs.

Nicolas "Remakost"

Music Composer

Remakost is an orchestra by himself. His role is to create the musical atmosphere of the game. Some may even say he is the spiritual son of David Arnold.

The Community Managers

Rémi "Remedius"

Community Manager

He is in charge of the official Stargate Network Communication on social networks and site news.

Antoine "Toinou84"

Community Manager

Also member of the EMG association, he's in charge of the official Stargate Network Communication on social networks and site news.

We didn't forget them!

These former members unfortunately left our team, maybe they will return some day. We want to thank them for their contribution to the project!


You want to join the team of Stargate Network and help in its outcome? Here is the list of available positions:

3D Artists

2D Graphic Designers

Level Designers

Particle Animators


Sound Designer

Music Composer

You can apply on Discord, or with the "Contact" button on the home page.
Introduce yourself, and tell us about your motivation to join a position, your previous experiences, and show us your portfolio (if you're applying for an artist position).

Those are unpaid positions. All team members are volunteers.
Any new aspiring team member will have to go through a probation period which will allow us to appreciate his motivation and talents. At the end of this period, a contract must be signed before being granted access to our private spaces.