Back on the field

Posted on by Janus.


After several months absent in shows, we have the pleasure to announce you our presence in Toulouse Game Show.

TGS 2015

To the program :

  • Presentation of v 2.3.0 (possibility of playing in multi)
  • Presentation of the current work on v 3
  • Presentation of the current projects
  • Some small surprises

We will happy to met you.

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New Forum

Posted on by Janus.

After few months without any news, and please we apologize for this lack of activity, we finally launch our new forum.

This space has been redesigned to be more user friendly, more ergonomic and more recent. Fully compatible with smartphones, tablets and PCs, you no longer have to worry no text too small, too big ...


Why a new and not changed the old ?

We want to forget the past. The forum was present since version 1.0 of the game, we wanted a revival with version 4.0.


Why not have imported the accounts and data to the new forum ?

Just like the previous question, we have many inactive account, old messages that were no longer news ...

Imported old accounts and messages by load shedding would have taken considerable time.


Is the old forum available ?

Yes it is, but readonly. You can always check your private messages as well as your personal data.

We give back the old forum address:


We are also happy to announce that two people join us for the role of Community Manager: Remedius and Toinou84.

Welcome to both of them.

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Monthly point: March 2015

Posted on by Meardon.

A successful period

These last two months have been marked by three dazzling leaps of our reputation, and we thank the people who are behind, and contribute significantly to our motivation and determination to go through with this project!

A surge of visits to the site and download :

Social networks have greatly helped in this success.

Thank you to Rodney McKay:

Also thank you to the group Save Stargate Universe :

At the same time, the number of simultaneous players growing on a demo yet we believe the very small lifetime and below the level of quality we are looking for now, encourages us to continue on the path of a MMORPG .

Unification of the visual identity

You must have noticed, the colors of the site are reconciled with our posters used at our conventions. The first convention of the year arrives in a month now! We looking forward to it and begin initial preparations already ...

Establishment of the association

As mentioned in the previous news, Stargate Network is now available as an association.

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We are one

Posted on by Janus.

It is with great pleasure that the team announced that Stargate Network is now an association Act 1901 (French law).

It's been a few months since the project was initiated. This has now been done.

This first year of the association begins under the chairmanship of Meardon.

What's the difference?

For you, nothing. If it is only now that we have a legal status, we can offer more.

More ?

For the moment nothing has been decided, the association was young, we are preparing several projects with links Stargate Network. Promised, these projects will not slow down the development of the game.

We can not tell you more for the moment, we prefer you keep the surprise.

Do I join the association?

Unfortunately not. Only those involved in the development of the game, as vast as it is, may be adherent.

For interested people to join us, please contact us.

Can I help otherwise ?

Yes, being a fan of Stargate and true to Stargate Network. You'll be able to donate if you like.

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Monthly point: February 2015

Posted on by Viper61.

Hello everyone!

Today is March 4th, and now its time to get back on what happen this month at Stargate Network.

Version 2.3 available

Last month it was a teaser, a week after was published the 2.3 update you enjoyed I'm sure ;)

This update has bring with it an important announcement: the end of UDK. The team therefore focuses more than ever to advance what will be Stargate Network 3.0, the UE4 release!

An active community

On the occasion of this announcement Qwaser, a french member of SGN's community, make a recap video about the game in its version 2. You can find it here :

A second video, in English this time, has also made noise. This is a review of BradPhusion, a youtuber, you can see by following this link :

I am talking about this video because it is the cause of increased visibility of the project on the American side. Up to be shared by Dinnerbone, a member of the famous team, Mojang, behind Minecraft.

An event that has enabled us to reach the 2,000 likes on our Facebook page!

To celebrate this milestone, the team has published a special video that you can watch on our Youtube channel :


To finish this monthly point, we want to remind you Stargate Network still recruiting experienced people: if you are 3D artists, mappers, Unreal Engine specialists (materials, lighting, particles, Blueprint ...) and you think to be able to us help, send us a message via the contact page ! ;)

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