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Stargate Network is a non-French-profit organization under the Act of 1 July 1901.

These objectives are :
The creation and development of video games ; it also seeks to provide for
its main purpose the sale of non-food objects derived and sale of advertising space.

What does it mean ?
We have several heads projects to help the game grow. The object of the game sales derived, such as T-shirts, cups (for example list, no guarantee that the quoted derived objects are in sales). But also the sale / rental of advertising space on our websites and in the game (and yes unfortunately the pub is one of the largest sources of income).
But promised not at the expense of the game or freedoms.

I can join the association?
The association is open, subject to acceptance of the application for membership by the office, anyone with minimal skills. However, it will be paid an annual fee of 10.00 €.

How can I help?
If you do not have the necessary skills, you can help us by making a spontaneous or regular donations.

What is the money of the association?
The collected money, contributions and donations are used for the monthly rental of the servers, and the purchase of derivative object that will be for sale. No one from the association, whether a member of the office or not, perceive money.

Why not mount a crowdfunding ?
MGM™ owns the Stargate license. Make a donation participatory system on a Stargate game would be illegal, which could lead to a complete stop Stargate Network.

The Office

President : Meardon
In charge of extra-associate relations, he is the official representative of Stargate Network.

Vice President : Speedy37
Wise and serious, he is there to support and advise the president in his choices and actions.

Treasurer : Kvasir
He is the guardian of fortune (as low as it is) Stargate Network.

Secretary : Toinou84
It was from him that passes all extra-combination messages. He must know all addresses.

Deputy Secretary : Andross
When the secretary is absent, his assistant replaces him.