[Castres Geek Connexion 3] Summary

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Hello everyone !

Here the summary about the Castres Geek Connexion 3.

First , we regret that our first participation to this convention is also the last. Despite the efforts and sacrifices of the organizers, they are no longer able to offer us this event. We hope to see them again in a new adventure!

For us, this convention was really a great success. Several stalls about the Stargate theme were present at our side:

We were spoiled and could offer you no less than 5 test spaces: 2 VR, 3 PCs and mini-DHD.
This is the biggest booth we have ever had!

The visitors were numerous, we did not have much time to get bored. The VR part was never empty and we had all types of testers from 7 to 77 years old.
The enthusiasm you share was exhilarating!

We were not far from the actor Cliff Simon.
Cliff has come to test the VR 15 minutes et loved it! Thank you to him for his coming and his sympathy.

This convention was the last of the year for us and will see you in 2020.

Special thanks to all con volunteers.

You will find our pictures about the weekend on the Events page of the website.

Thanks again!

Join us on Discord, Twitter and Facebook to stay tuned!

The Stargate Network team.

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Chers amis,
J’exprime plusieurs sentiments, pour cette convention. Primo, je ressens de la joie, car d’après votre article, cette convention a été une réussite. Bravo pour vous, par contre, cette dernière convention m’attriste, que celle ci ne soit plus à Castres car selon le foyer de Castres: “Malgré les efforts et sacrifices des organisateurs, ils ne sont plus en mesure de nous proposer cet évènement.”

Sachez que je vous soutient quoi qu’il en coûte…. J’espère que Simon Cliff ira dans une autre convention et que vous pourrez le rencontrer à d’autre moment.

Mais, sachez que ce que vous faites, est purement magique !!!! Continuez ainsi braves gens!!!!!

Vive SGN!

By Atlas-I8I

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Merci pour le compte-rendu; c’est toujours un plaisir de voir votre avancée !