Monthly point: March 2015

Posted on by Toinou84.

A successful period

These last two months have been marked by three dazzling leaps of our reputation, and we thank the people who are behind, and contribute significantly to our motivation and determination to go through with this project!

A surge of visits to the site and download :

Social networks have greatly helped in this success.

Thank you to Rodney McKay:

Also thank you to the group Save Stargate Universe :

At the same time, the number of simultaneous players growing on a demo yet we believe the very small lifetime and below the level of quality we are looking for now, encourages us to continue on the path of a MMORPG .

Unification of the visual identity

You must have noticed, the colors of the site are reconciled with our posters used at our conventions. The first convention of the year arrives in a month now! We looking forward to it and begin initial preparations already ...

Establishment of the association

As mentioned in the previous news, Stargate Network is now available as an association.

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By Atlantish

Posted on

Après Christopher Judge, David Hewlett !

A quand les autres acteurs ? ^^

By Ronon

Posted on

Et moi j’ai envie de dire,a quand une prochaine démo ?! les fans s’impatientent ! Moi en premier

By brizzeur

Posted on

Plus aucune nouvelle de vous……… avez vous vous aussi comme les autres abandonné ?

By Ronon Dex

Posted on

Plus de nouvelle,ca fait trop longtemps que vous êtes sans nouvelle,vous allez finir par tout perdre à ne jamais donner de nouvelle,oublie pas que c’est les fans qui font vivre votre projet,a ce rythme vous courrez a la fin de SGN c’est même une certitude