Stargate Network is always one step ahead !

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We promised you 2014 would be a year of great news, here is the first !

On March 19, Unreal surprised everyone by announcing the public release of its brand new game engine, the Unreal Engine 4 (UE4).

But Stargate Network is always one step ahead !
We have been working with UE4 for a few months now !
By the way (and nobody did notice it) Atlantis has already been completely transferred into UE4,
the result is visible in the screen published a few days ago.

This was made possible for us thanks to collaboration with a US studio,
Cerulean Entertainment.
Cerulean believes in SGN and supports it; therefore they have given their name in order for us to get an access to the necessary licenses for UE4.

In concrete terms, what does it mean for SGN, for you, for the game, for the release dates ?

All the answers are not yet given, and we wait to see how UE4 will develop further.

What's for sure is that we will continue to release a few updates of Stargate Network 2.x, the 3Dsim of the SGC, which is done with UDK (= Unreal Engine 3).

Simultaneously, we will continue to develop Stargate Network 3.0 on the UE4 !
It's this version that will, in the long run, become the multiplayer game you are all waiting for.
Better graphics, better performances, and a game even more at the top !

Unlike UDK, the UE4 is already configured to create games that will be naturally supported on Mac OS and soon on Linux !

Of course, we will let you know about further developments for SGN in the coming months !

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By alan700

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Bonjour je viens juste dire il y a eu des faute de frappe et sinon superbe nouvelle pour ue4 je suis très impatient de découvrir cela.

By Viper61

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En effet, merci pour l’info!

By Martycz97

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i cant wait for SGA atlantis of ancient city from lost city už se nemohu dočkat až půjdu na Atlantídu

By Martycz97

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a můžete mí napsat jaký jsou symboli abych se mohl dostat na atlantidu vím že jich je 8 prý cartrová říkala že prý 8 symbol označuje jinou galaxii a nebo to je dodateční symbol k tomu něco jako dodatkový symbol na místo určení

By VoKo

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Ich brauche die Koordinaten zur Stadt der vorfahren 😄