End of Support

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Like Microsoft, Stargate-Network stop to support Windows XP On April 8th.
'What does it mean ?'
Well, if you meet concerns of play, launcher or another, and you have a Windows XP, we treat more problems.
'But the games still work? ?'
Yes, we do not deactivate the ability to install and play Stargate-Network on Windows XP.
'I would get the updates?'
Yes, of course, the updates are done via the launcher (bugs persist, see our bug tracker).
Currently, we use components that are present on Windows XP (via Microsoft Update).
'What should I do in case of problems ?'
Two solutions, the first is to search on a search engine (youhou, I don't make ads :D)
The second (after research on a search engine) is to seek advice from the community on our forum.
A Tavern section is here for.

Well, I hope you have give maximum information if you have any questions do not hesitate to send an email to :
janus [at] stargate-network [dot] net

(funny -> dotnet ^^)

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