New conventions ahead!

Posted on by IBREC.

We started in 2014, and we have acquired a taste for it.

We officially announce our presence to not only one, but two conventions !!!

The first will take place in the south of France, close to the Spanish border, it is the ASFA in Amélie les Bains.


The second will be held in Paris. It is the famous Geekopolis.

Site :

The whole team will not be present, but it will be a great pleasure to meet you, exchange, and give you some information about the game and our future version on the Unreal Engine 4.

You wil be able to put yourself in the shoes of a SGC technician activating the door with replicas of real keyboards and monitors present in the series.

The appointment is given, we await you! ;)

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By Remedius

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J’aurais bien aimé venir à la Geekopolis, mais j’ai un stage qui commence le 18 Mai ><' donc ce n'est pas encore cette année que je passerais vous voir…

By Atlantish

Posted on

Je suis trop loin pour les deux conventions :s

Quoi qu’il en soit, c’est cool de vous revoir à nouveau participer à ce genre d’événement !

By Sandrock_cyril

Posted on

Et bien pour ma part, on se verra à la convention ASFA.
A bientôt. 😉