Monthly point: January 2015

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Hello everybody,

The first month of the year is now complete. Let's make a point on what has happen during these 31 days!

On social networks

Since the last article to wish you an happy new year, the team has done a lot of work. And as you've probably noticed, Dr Mckay's work has been particulary highlighted on our Facebook page.

Page has just exceeded 1600 likes by the way, thank you!

As we talk about social networks and work. Do you know that some team members spontaneously stream their work? This is not necessarily announce or rebroadcast. For those interested in, it goes on Hitbox ;)

An update?

This is the question that many ask. The answer, you're all waiting for. This is of course yes! As usual, we will not give any date. But know it will happen very soon (bets are opened?).

This version, stamped 2.3.0 and named Briefing Room, will be available soon. We thank all the beta-testers who helped us to fix bugs in this release. Noted that it will be the last UDK update. Indeed, we decided to end the support for Stargate Network 2.x. This decision means that remaining bugs will not be corrected.


Because it's important, let's highlight the community. It was quite active.

First, Janus offers a mini-website to find out all stargate's coordinates available in-game:

Otherwise, on the forum, Mical had proposed to work on a possible scenario for future game campaign. To follow his progress, it's here : (in french).

Finally, if you have a coder soul and want to find a real time map app, our online players map is available in open source on GitHub:

That's it for this month. Now, you just have to wait until the release of the update :D

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