(Français) Quelques nouvelles et quelques réponses

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Hi everyone !

Heute werden wir einige Fragen beantworten, die ihr zu Stargate Network haben könntet.

Warum ist das Spiel noch nicht draußen?

Die Frage wird vermutlich am häufigsten gestellt, oft mit viel Misfallen.

Ihr solltet wissen das die Entwicklung eines Spiels viel Zeit in Anspruch nimmt, in der Regel mehrere Jahre. Hier habt ihr eine kurze aber repräsentative Übersicht wie lange Spiele in der Vergangenheit in der Entwicklung waren.

Temps de développement des jeux

In den dargestellten Fällen wurden die Spiele von professionellen Spieleentwicklern die Vollzeit bezahlt daran arbeiten entwickelt.

Bei 'Indie Games' ist das aber etwas anders. Oft arbeiten nur sehr wenige Leute am Projekt, sowohl professionell als auch neben der eigentlichen Arbeit. Der gravierendste Unterschied ist das Budget mit dem gearbeitet wird.

An Stargate Network arbeiten momentan 12 Personen die das ganze nicht professionell machen.

The developers are working on their free time (weekends, during school holidays for those who still have), because the majority has a job and a busy life. Added to this is the recent passage under Unreal Engine 4, which requires a complete overhaul of the game.

All these factors explain the development time of SGN, for which the team is always motivated. However, we expect the influx of new recruits (5 in one month) currently in the testing period, more to boost the project.

What does we need?

The only way to speed up the development time of the game is to participate in is creation. Thus, we are always looking for new members who already have some specific skills (modeling , programming, music ... ) . Send us your candidacy in the "Contact Us" section of our forum: https://community.stargate-network.net/category/9/nous-rejoindre

What is the next step ?

The recent passage under Unreal Engine 4, which allows us to reach a higher level of quality to previous versions, slowed development. However, the work is in progress, and so we have a very clear goal for the coming year: out the new version of Stargate Network, more beautiful, more fluid and especially multiplayer! Currently, the progress of the internal prototype (reconstruction of the demo in EU4) on which we are full time for just a year, is 65%. This will be the version presented in the upcoming conventions.

This time again, we will not give a precise date, since this depends on the availability of the developers.

Back on the TGS

This year again, part of the Stargate Network team participated in the Toulouse Game Show. We want to thank the TGS team and also all the people who came to visit us! Special mention to the distinguished guest that was David Hewlett, you'll find him in this video on our stand:

Of course, as we like to participate in such events, we will definitely attend other conventions! We'll certainly keep you informed on time.


We thank the generous donors who, with their donations to Stargate Network, we were able to buy equipment to accelerate the development of the game.

We'll soon set a module on our site for you in a worries transparency see exactly what your gifts are used.

Again thank you for following us, and give us the will to continue!

The SGN team

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Von davidmp5fr

Geschrieben am

Continuez comme ça l’équipe, j’ai hâte 😉

Merci a vous, et bonne année 2016

Von Atlantish

Geschrieben am

Honnêtement, je ne pensais pas que la version UE4 en était déjà à 65%, c’est une très bonne nouvelle !

Continuez comme ça, vous avez tout mon soutien (et peut-être un peu de mon argent plus tard qui sait :D) !

Von toinou84

Geschrieben am

Merci pour vos soutiens!

Von miz

Geschrieben am

Will.this game be pc based or will it be released for xbox one or ps4?

Von Kyllian

Geschrieben am

Super boulot !
La communauté stargate est toujours là, cela fait vraiment chaud au coeur.
En tout cas bon courage et je souhaite à toute l’équipe une très bonne année 2016 et que de bonne choses pour vous !

A très vite,

Von Rholliday

Geschrieben am

Absolutely amazing, congratulations on getting David to come check it out. I genuinely love how excited he gets over the very shows he acted in, he is truly a fan!

(sorry about any errors, I only speak English)

Von Macrey

Geschrieben am

Bien joué les gars, je suis un gros fan de la licence Stargate depuis des années, et je dois dire que votre équipe est plutôt enthousiasmante ! Continuez comme ça, votre projet est terriblement prometteur (En plus, si c’est David qui le dis…). Continuez comme ça !

Von Zac

Geschrieben am

Wow I’m super excited, I’m not worried about how long it takes its going to be a great game and worth the wait keep us updated! The pictures of the graphics and development are very exciting. Keep up the hard work ?

Von Quickchange

Geschrieben am

Is this still in the works? We could really use a good game! 😉