(Français) En avant la musique !

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Omlouváme se, ale tato položka je k dispozici pouze ve Francouzština a Angličtina (Usa).
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Od Loupesg1

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REMAKOST, je suis si ému que mes mots n’ont presque que la place dans ce commentaire. Pour moi, je t’ai decouvert il y a à peine 15 jours et je suis content que tu fasses des moments superbes avec SGN. Je suis si impressionné avec la musique que mes mots se cafouillent…. Continue comme ceci…. J’adore😭😭😭😭🤩🤩

Od Soul Index

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Holy… This OST like something that’d be at home with a AAA production on television. This is seriously good :O


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Od Atlas-I8I

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Content de savoir qu’un compositeur passionné et talentueux soit présent sur le projet !

Od Chris

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When will the next update be available!? Keep up the great work because it is appreciated!

Od Jolly Giant

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Salutations des USA!
La musique est magnifique! Tout ce que vous faites est génial. Gardez la foi. Gardez le cap.
Mon fils de 5 ans en dépend! Il aime Stargate et le réseau Stargate!

Greetings from the USA!
The music is wonderful! Everything you do is awesome. Keep the faith. Stay the course.
My 5yr old son is depending on it! He loves Stargate and Stargate network!

Od TaXoS

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Really good job!
I hope the sounds will be a part of the next update…

Greetings from Germany 😉

Od Nicolas

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love the music.

i have only just discovered stargate network. downloaded the game and absolutely love it soo far.

when will the next update be out? as i am extremely keen to see where this goes. after previously having my hopes up for stargate worlds it is nice to know that somewhere in this world people are still connected to stargate.

keep up the good work

from Australia

Od DHDigiter

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I am usually critical about music composition and franchises I love including Stargate, but this is still well done!

I hope Remakost continues his own making of music for Stargate while also keeping to David Arnold’s and Joel Goldsmith’s themes and styles for Stargate.

Keep it up! ^_^