Here is our new Stargate!

Posted on by Toinou84.

We are proud of present to you our new Stargate on Unreal Engine 4!

We thank The Children of MacGyver for their help.
EMG provided us their 3D file of the door and the 3D scan of a chevron (crystal + V crystal).

With this work base, we have been able to model a Stargate more real than ever before!

Here is our Stargate :


You can download wallpapers on our Download page.

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Prepared for the arrival of Stargate Network Summer Lives !

Posted on by Remedius.

Hello everyone !

Aaaaaah summer, its sunny days, this delicious taste of ice cream eaten on the beaches ... Well not for everyone !
If, contrary to others, you can't go under the coconut trees, then spend the summer with us!
With the coming summer and the holidays for most of our members, Stargate Network launches Summer Lives !

* The Summer Lives ? What is this ?

These are lives organized by the developers of Stargate Network, and you can follow them to find out how we develop the game ! Different types of lives will be proposed, and you can watch only those you are interested in, or even see them all if you like them ! There will be programming, 3D modeling and more things to discover ! You can also take the opportunity to ask questions in the chat, we will be happy to answer them !

* When did it start ?

From June 20, there will be lives throughout the summer ! A page of our site will be devoted to them, but it will be operational from June 19 :


Be sure to follow our news on Facebook to get the dates of the first lives, because it is a unique opportunity to see how we create Stargate Network !

See you soon,

The Stargate Network team.

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Some news and some answers

Posted on by Toinou84.

Hi everyone !

Today we'll answer some questions you may have about Stargate Network.

Why the game is still not out?

This question is probably the most asked , sometimes embellished with discontent.

You should know that the development of a game obviously takes time, it takes an average count several years of development. Here is a representative graphic with famous games:

Temps de développement des jeux

In the cases above, these games developed by professional studios, with full-time employees paid for it.

Now, take the case of independent games: They often have a very small team of developers, sometimes professional, but with an absolutely incomparable industrial budget studios.

In the case of Stargate Network, the team is small (12 members) and unprofessional.

The developers are working on their free time (weekends, during school holidays for those who still have), because the majority has a job and a busy life. Added to this is the recent passage under Unreal Engine 4, which requires a complete overhaul of the game.

All these factors explain the development time of SGN, for which the team is always motivated. However, we expect the influx of new recruits (5 in one month) currently in the testing period, more to boost the project.

What does we need?

The only way to speed up the development time of the game is to participate in is creation. Thus, we are always looking for new members who already have some specific skills (modeling , programming, music ... ) . Send us your candidacy in the "Contact Us" section of our forum:

What is the next step ?

The recent passage under Unreal Engine 4, which allows us to reach a higher level of quality to previous versions, slowed development. However, the work is in progress, and so we have a very clear goal for the coming year: out the new version of Stargate Network, more beautiful, more fluid and especially multiplayer! Currently, the progress of the internal prototype (reconstruction of the demo in EU4) on which we are full time for just a year, is 65%. This will be the version presented in the upcoming conventions.

This time again, we will not give a precise date, since this depends on the availability of the developers.

Back on the TGS

This year again, part of the Stargate Network team participated in the Toulouse Game Show. We want to thank the TGS team and also all the people who came to visit us! Special mention to the distinguished guest that was David Hewlett, you'll find him in this video on our stand:

Of course, as we like to participate in such events, we will definitely attend other conventions! We'll certainly keep you informed on time.


We thank the generous donors who, with their donations to Stargate Network, we were able to buy equipment to accelerate the development of the game.

We'll soon set a module on our site for you in a worries transparency see exactly what your gifts are used.

Again thank you for following us, and give us the will to continue!

The SGN team

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Back on the field

Posted on by Kvasir.


After several months absent in shows, we have the pleasure to announce you our presence in Toulouse Game Show.

TGS 2015

To the program :

  • Presentation of v 2.3.0 (possibility of playing in multi)
  • Presentation of the current work on v 3
  • Presentation of the current projects
  • Some small surprises

We will happy to met you.

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New Forum

Posted on by Kvasir.

After few months without any news, and please we apologize for this lack of activity, we finally launch our new forum.

This space has been redesigned to be more user friendly, more ergonomic and more recent. Fully compatible with smartphones, tablets and PCs, you no longer have to worry no text too small, too big ...


Why a new and not changed the old ?

We want to forget the past. The forum was present since version 1.0 of the game, we wanted a revival with version 4.0.


Why not have imported the accounts and data to the new forum ?

Just like the previous question, we have many inactive account, old messages that were no longer news ...

Imported old accounts and messages by load shedding would have taken considerable time.


Is the old forum available ?

Yes it is, but readonly. You can always check your private messages as well as your personal data.

We give back the old forum address:


We are also happy to announce that two people join us for the role of Community Manager: Remedius and Toinou84.

Welcome to both of them.

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