A live on July 26, 2014

Posted on by Viper61.

Hello everybody,

The Stargate Network's team organizes, as every summer, a dev live on Saturday, July 26, 2014 on 5PM (Paris time).

During this live, you will see, among others, the final mapping session on UDK before it was totally dropped in favor of the EU4!

This live will take place on the Stargate Network's Twitch channel and in French only, twitch.tv/stargatenetwork

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[Completed] Forum maintenance

Posted on by Viper61.

Hello everyone,

A quick news to tell you the forum will be unavailable from Tuesday, July 15, 2014.
We don't know yet the duration of the break, probably few days ...

For the curious, this maintenance is to reorganise the forum to make it more clear and open internationally. Mainly French, English and German at the moment, as is the case with the website.

You can keep you informed of progress via the dedicated spot on our bug tracker (#161).

Edit: The maintenance is complete and the forum is back online!

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A ride on our Earth?

Posted on by Janus.

Welcome to our Earth.

We launch our own realtime Map or via our website.

This map contains all those who are involved or who download the game.

Private data ?

No personal data is stored or transmitted.

We pass only positions with magnitudes, so no chance to identify you.

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Some updates today

Posted on by Viper61.

As some people saw it, we have published 3 updates today.

The first, it's a contact form on the site. Finally, you can contact us directly! ;)

The second concerns the updates site that get a restyling.
For those who don't know, this site used to get information on updates as the changelog for example. You can find the link to it in the site menu.

The last and not least, it's for the launcher. The latter is now in version In this update (as indicated on the updates website), you will find 3 new tabs in the Options menu:

  • The graphics settings
  • The language settings
  • The keymap settings

These are 3 elements strongly request and finally available!!

If you experience troubles with this update, the setup available on the download page has also been updated. However, if you still get problems, feel free to open a ticket on our bug tracker, taking care to choose a clear name and give as much detail as possible so we can help you in the most optimal way possible.

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Behind the scene: on the set of Atlantis

Posted on by Moy.

Get some exclusive behind the scene pictures from our Atlantis set being rebuild outside Fribourg, Switzerland. Structures and set elements are in place. Painters are coming next week to transform this into your favorite sci-fi city!

Behind the scenes Atlantis 1

Behind the scenes Atlantis 2

Behind the scenes Atlantis 3

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