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Posted on by Janus.

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Quizzes #2 : The big computer cabinet

Posted on by Meardon.

This quiz is more difficult, but there are more things to find!

An access to the latest udk version and our gratitude for each identified object! For now, we only found two.

Good luck!


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Series of quizzes: what is that?

Posted on by Meardon.

We are launching today the first of a series of quizzes that will not require your knowledge of Stargate, but your research capabilities and possibly your technical knowledge!

Our goal is to get the maximum of references on the various devices which were arranged by the decorating team. Because all of them may not have been created specifically for Stargate, but were findable while a time in the trade!

In order to show you that it is quite possible, the first quiz relates to an electronic equipment that we have successfully identified, allowing us to make a very realistic 3D model!


Quizz completed, good answer from Zergal, it was a Wiltron 9361B

An access to the version 2.3.0 alpha will be offered to the first person who will find the exact model! (answer into the comments section)

Few tips:
- Google images and eBay are your best friends. The "vintage" keyword can do miracles. Also, think about specialized forums and sales sites of old electronics!
- Learn about the different types of existing electronic devices: voltmeter, converter, oscilloscop, test set, communication test... this will give you an idea of the type of device.
- You found a device with the same design, the same kind of keys? You're probably on the track, so focus on the others models of the brand.
- Ask to your friends that have knowledge in electronics, contacts people who have visited the studios, or try to contact the current owner of the object!

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Posted on by Kvasir.

You have could see and use them at FACTS 2014
you can now get one!

Glyphs Keyboard



Perfect reproduction of the glyphs keyboard used in the control room of the SGC.
Made using the original keyboard
(MITSUMI  KPQ-E99ZC-13), used on the production of the Stargate series, as a model (certificate of authenticity provided)


Item description :

  • QWERTY KEYBOARD, fully fonctionnal
    (requires an adapter
    DIN-5 > PS/2)
  • Brand : MITSUMI
  • 45x17.5cm
  • color : beige
  • Specificity : 40 keycaps have been erased manually to paste the stargate's symbols printed on transparent sticker.
    (Symbols fully copied on the original keyboard)
Do not hesitate to ask questions!


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Stargate Network 2.2 (Demo update)

Posted on by Moy.

You awaited it, here it is!

Version 2.2 of our Stargate Network Demo is out! New functionalities, new places to discover, and amazing surprises wait for you!


Stargate Network 2.2 Now avalaible

You can download the game here. If you already have the game installed, you just have to start the launcher and let the update be downloaded.

You can post your comments, remarks and reviews of version 2.2 of Stargate Network on this forum topic.

Have fun!

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